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Mixed mating and Challenges Cultural Inheritance?

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Mixed marriage (mixed married) is marriage between a husband and wife (couples) who come from different backgrounds. Different backgrounds, among others, such as ethnicity, race and culture.
Problems often intermarrying busy talking to young people when hotel.They believe that intermarriage can improve existing keturunan.Memangnya descent, race, ethnicity and culture are created by God in this world that are less good or even better?
I personally feel, in fact, making interbreeding with the lack of clarity about the status of a person. Status of the person in question is of course concerning ancestry, race, ethnic culture and even embraced by both parents.
By looking at the phenomenon that is likely to happen, then the next question arises, is it true it describes the efforts that led to the improvement of offspring?
Each person would come from different cultural backgrounds-beda.Kata culture itself, according Koentjaraningrat (1985) is the overall ideas, actions, and results of man's work in the context of a society that used to belong to human beings learn.
By looking at the definition above, we know that culture is the whole idea, the action and the work produced by a particular group of people who once belonged to them, to learn how to ensure its survival. Ideas and actions they are commonly seen in a variety of forms (elements) form of power, and the work of human intention.
Koentjaraningrat (1985) says there are seven elements kebudayaan.Ia refer to it as the substance of culture. The seven elements are universal culture: Religious Systems, Organizational Systems Society, Openness Knowledge, Life Livelihood Systems and Economic Systems, Systems and Equipment Technology, Language and Arts.
Based on the difference in the values ​​of the culture, every married couple must have an obligation to introduce it all to children anaknya.Hal to introduce, of course, is not mudah.Akan but, that is the risk of the decision to intermarry.
If, it is not taught or introduced, then what the world says to his children someday? Because the elements of culture that is the bookmark their true identity. One obvious example that we can observe today is about the ability of local languages ​​said. Do not be surprised, if many children of mixed marriages result can not speak their own areas. In fact, they still claim that they are from the area. Obviously, there are many cultural values ​​that will surely fade.
Therefore, introduce and teach cultural values ​​to be a particular challenge for both pasutri.Unsur-cultural elements that are very common and are noteworthy as in accordance with the seven elements of culture proposed by Koentjaraningrat (1985).
So, if we add a whole then a child of a mixed marriage should be a maximum of seven elements budaya.Berikut know is the seventh element of culture which would be very important to know.
System Religions (Religion)The first element of culture is human belief systems concerning the existence of God the Pencipta.Hal arose because all creatures that look around him and believe that there must be people who created it. Then when that comes a sense of confidence that is now known by the name of religion (religion).
In the intermarried families of different religions and beliefs were, of course has a very big challenge and a weighing of the children kelak.Karena, sometimes confused her children want to come to that moment siapa.Pada be the toughest challenge for the two couples to meet expectations of his children.
System of Community OrganizationsThe second element is a system culture community organizations. System is a system of social organization that emerged because of human consciousness that though created as the most perfect creature, but still have weaknesses and strengths of each individual inter. Thus, arises felt it was important to organize and unite.
In establishing unity and sometimes rather difficult for families that resulted from the interbreeding. Why is that?. Obviously, because of the value system and procedures used are necessarily different. Thus, the two couples also have the challenge to teach or introduce to meet the expectations of their children to be accepted among them.
Knowledge SystemsThe third element is the culture of knowledge born pengetahuan.Sistem system because every human being has a sense and a different mind. So as to bring up and get something different, then it needs to be delivered so that others also understand.
Inheritance of this knowledge system is also a challenge for both spouses to children anaknya.Mendapatkan various kinds of information, true and useful knowledge is the hope of the children to their parents. How could I not?. Family, in this case both the parents as the first place someone will learn and grow another human should.
Livelihood systems Life and Economic SystemsThe fourth element is the culture and the livelihood systems of systems economy.It is born as humans have passions and desires are unlimited and always want more. In addition, through the human livelihoods that also will support its survival.
Therefore, the two couples also have the challenge to explain the types of livelihoods and economic systems practiced by indigenous communities respectively.
Technology Systems and EquipmentThe fifth element is the cultural and technological systems peralatan.Sistem exists because humans are capable of creating something new and goods in order to make ends meet.
This is actually distinguishes humans with God's creatures who lainnya.Oleh Therefore, both couples have a responsibility to introduce also teach to their children.
Language SystemsThe sixth element is the cultural vernacular bahasa.Sistem system used by a clan, which is different from the local language lainnya.Karena is a typical product of man as homo longues are alive and living in the area.
Therefore, both the families intermarried couples have challenges sll below to teach the local language to their children. Is not the local language of identity bookmark someone?
ArtThe seventh element is kesenian.Kesenian culture existed and were created to meet the needs of the human psyche after all human physical needs are met. Through art that, each tribe will demonstrate creativity, work, their intention is certainly very unique to other ethnic groups around the world.
Therefore, the two couples also have a responsibility to pass on the values ​​that dianutnya.Karena this art can also be a means for them to actualize himself.
In principle there are no descendants, ethnic, racial and cultural salah.Sehingga, we need memperbaikinya.Karena, culture itself was born from the mind, power, work, human initiative that comes from common sense rationality created by God the Creator.***By looking at the review above, it is clear that both of intermarried couples are diffe
rent tribes, races and cultures have many tantangan.Tantangan-challenges that must be accounted for is the inheritance of cultural values ​​shared by both spouses for their children.

Cultural values ​​that must be introduced and taught is that of the seven elements budaya.Karena through things that, mareka will be known and recognized by the surrounding community.
"Dignified nation is a nation that upholds the historical and cultural values."
Author: Felix Minggus Degei is Alumnus Program Guidance and Counseling, University of Paradise Jayapura Papua in 2012. Pay Attention to the Problem of Education and Culture in Papua.


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