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TPNPB-OPM Responsible for Actions Against the TNI and the National Police Shooting: Indonesia Stop the Use of Armed Civil Stigma, GPK & OTK

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Responsible TPNPB-OPM, Indonesia Stop Using Armed Civil Stikma, GPK and OTK
West Papua National Liberation Army-the Free Papua Movement (OPM TPNPB), notify all Print and Electronic Media, bahwah stigma that has been used by the print and electronic media such as "Civil Forces, GPK, and OTK" please do not mention it again.
The Journalist and Editor of Print and Electronic Media, which always provide information using Civil stigma Forces, GPK, and OTK to the public, rated telahdan being violated "the Law No. 40 Year 1999 on the Press". Due to always hide the facts of an event.
Properly, the reporters, editors, and reporters, provide appropriate information to the public reality. It is very important to be noticed, because all this news about the struggle waged by the TPN-OPM, in general, and more specifically the Government of Indonesia and Papua Regional Police Commander XVII Cenderawasih spread the news in the media as the Civilian Armed movement, GPK, and OTK, it is not true. Because the struggle TPN-OPM is Purely for Political Self-Determination Rights of the nation of Papua.
With regard to media coverage related shootings in Puncak Jaya, some media said that "the Security Pengacau Movement (GPK) and The Unknown OTK" has dilangsir by the national media Indonesia (, Thursday (21/2 / 2013) via the link below: This news on the comment "Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto strongly suspect, a separatist group responsible for shooting the TNI in Papua. Shooting that occurred on Thursday at Tingginambut district, Puncak Jaya regency, Papua, it is an attack allegedly carried out by Security Pengacau Movement (GPK) head of Goliath Tabuni ".
It has been hiding the fact. Goliath Tabuni not a leader (GPK), Goliath Tabuni is a High Chief of the National Liberation Army of West Papua, abbreviated (TPNPB), and the English "West Papua National Liberation Army" (WPNLA).
Goliath Tabuni is High Commander with the rank of General as head of the TPN-OPM. "Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto, need to know that the struggle fought by the TPN-OPM led by High Chief Jend.Goliath Tabuni for Political Rights to Self-Determination (Self-Determination) for the people of West Papua.
To be known by the Indonesian Government and more specifically "Djoko Suyanto" please visit Website: in the "about us, News and Gallery", then you will be able to know more details. Or please click: OPEN LETTER AND STATEMENT TPN-OPM OFFICIAL STATE OF WEST PAPUA 2011 The alleged TPN-OPM as Pengacau Security Movement. Chief of General Staff Maj.-OPM TPNPB Teryanus Satto stated as follows:

The Indonesian government should not stigmatize the TPN-OPM as security or the People Movement Pengacau Tak know. TPN-OPM is a structured organization to fight for the rights of West Papuan Independence or (Self-Determination).
TPN-OPM were to fix by resolution the summit itself the National Liberation Army of West Papua in 1-5 May 2012, There has arranged structures International standards, as approved in the Summit and will continue to fight until the Free Papua Movement.
In Papua, there is no Civil Forces. TPNPB the military has the right to own a weapon to divide the rights of Papuans, to gain full independence.
Shooting 15 members of the TNI in Puncakjaya is purely the TPN-OPM. And TPN-OPM Commander Gen. leadership. Goliath Tabuni responsible for the shooting.
Shooting in Puncak Jaya on February 21, 2013, is not related to the election. However, the attitude of opposition to the Government of Indonesia, one of which is the General Election in Puncakjaya and in general throughout the land of Papua.
Action Shooting in Puncak Jaya TPN-OPM conducted under the leadership of Gen.. Goliath Tabuni not to, enlist the help of the Government of Indonesia in the form of Money, Housing Development, etc.. But purely to demand political rights of the people of West Papua (Self-Determination).
Shooting in Puncak Jaya on February 21 is, the attitude of the government of Indonesia to bid rejection TPN-OPM leader Gen.. Goliath Tabuni.
TPN-OPM did not ask anything to the Indonesian government. TPN-OPM demanding independence Papuan Political Rights, to independence and full sovereignty so equal with other countries in the world.
TPN-OPM firmly rejected the persuasive approach taken by the Indonesian government, through the Provincial Government of Papua, and the Regional Police Commander XVII Cenderawasih Papua, in the form of dialogue. Unless the "referendum" according to the mechanisms of international law as the ultimate solution to solve the problems of the people of the nation of Papua to independence and full sovereignty.
TPN-OPM statement was issued from the Command Center to be known by all parties and implementation. Thank you for your attention.
Issued in: Command Center
On the Date: February 23, 2013

A.n. High Commander
Chief of General Staff TPNPB-OPM
Majend. Teriyanus Satto
NRP. 7312.00.00.003

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