Sunday, February 24, 2013

Political Conflict length Jakarta and West Papuan Basic Rights

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Eight members of the military police who are killed for defending Indonesia militaristic government instructions for this.

What about the hundreds of millions of people of West Papua have been murdered by a militaristic government Jakarta for more than 50 years, from 1963 to 2013?

Where? Condolences human values ​​that berperi justice in defense of the fundamental rights of West Papuans who had been shot dead, killed on his homeland, and this was due to the struggle of the people of West Papua want self-governing West Papua's independence.

Thus, a conflict that continues to happen because sepanggal word FREEDOM, history of the long suffering people of West Papua can not be underestimated as it is by the government of the international community.

Long conflict the people of West Papua and Jakarta militaristic government during this or that is happening needs to be mediated by one of the member states of the United Nations or the United Nations rather politically necessary to review the status of West Papua since the majority of the people of West Papua are indigenous people who want and will continue to struggle to separate himself of government brutality Jakarta / Indonesia and West Papua state itself. And this is the fundamental rights of all the people of West Papua.

The Jakarta government needs to be helped by donor countries like the U.S. or Australia to non-lethal police brutality military civilians in West Papua as happened during this time, the people of West Papua have demikianpun equally helped by the international community because the majority of people want the Melanesian people of West Papua nation, state and self-governing West Papua independence over their ancestral lands. So the time has come, the birth of the state of West Papua, and the next two states, Melanesia - West Papua and Indonesia live heed humanitarian values ​​coexist in respecting the boundaries of cultural, social, economic - political will of both countries.
And not have to be a shootout, chase raw jungle, police tell military personnel on the ground in West Papua, and this really is not the right solution, and the people become victims.

Sources: # ixzz2LsMl2zXp


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