Thursday, November 3, 2011

Street Parliament urges DAP III KRP Rekomendari Cancel

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Umagi-Papua -- JAYAPURA Responding to the situation after the implementation of the Papuan Congress III which characterized the arrest deklarator executive committee and the Congress the results of which form of government by the Police Federation, Coordinator of Parliament Street, Yusak Pakage urged the Papuan Customary Council transition that declaration. "This opportunity I ask WPNA and DAP, immediately disband the transitional government of Papua, because only two parties, namely WPNA and DAP," he insisted during a press Declaration which he also "The issue they say, that the December 1 kibarkan flag, it must be good coordination, so that people do not become victims in vain," he said.In addition, the Papuan political leaders have said the interests behind the invitation to the Papuan people to voice their independence issues. "We do not want to sacrifice the little people following events. Because of the small community taunya want independence, but eliit-existing political elite interests behind it, "he said.Menurtnya, Papuan political elite and the Government of Indonesia's political elite in Papua benefit from each others. "So the political elite which has named itself as the leader of the Papuan autonomy, they eat money. But in front of people say 'let's kitong already independent, "he continued, which also states that the interests of ordinary people who are actually victims. "We do not want to be like that," he said.That, according to him because of the small community taunya only demand independence. "So people think the only demanded independence, but behind them there is an interest in their stomachs," he continued.This he said with a look at the implementation of the Papuan Congress III."Because learning in Congress III. It's no good coordination with local police. Although there is no clarity with the security forces, but they paksanakan. So that ordinary people who become victims, "he explained. (Aj/don/l03)
(DAP) and West Papua National Outhority, to dissolve the government
conference held at the Terrace Post Office Abepura, Tuesday (1 / 11).
recommends raising the Morning Star flag on Dec. 1, should not be attempted if there is no coordination with the authorities and the Indonesian government.


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