Sunday, August 17, 2014

Photo News: Free West Papua Campaign Perth Australia Protest New York Agreement outside USA Consulate, Perth City, Australia

WEST PAPUA     3:12 AM  

PERTH Western Australia - Free West Papua Campaign Perth Australia holds a demonstration outside the US Embassy to asking the US government involvement on the “New York Agreement 1962” whereas USA sell out West Papua to Indonesia because Freeport interest (one of second biggest gold mining company own by USA government), on Friday, 15th August 2014 yesterday, in Perth City, Western Australia.

The history of West Papua who is suffering under Indonesia colonial rules where supported by USA regarding USA interested of Gold, It is not human. We strongly believe that in the New York Agreement did promise to West Papuan will be free, but it was never happening. Therefore we are demanding to the US government to push a real referendum in West Papua which has still been denied to the Papuan people since 1962.

Although, West Papua called the 15th August, the Day of Broken Promise by America in 1962.

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