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DLP Federal Executive Officer Spokesperson for West Papua

WEST PAPUA     8:19 PM  

Foto Anthony Craig.
Foto Anthony Craig.
Foto Anthony Craig.
West Papua Democratic Labour Party ( DLP) Indigenous Event Canberra Wednesday 2/7/2014 1000 am to 330PM

I wish to acknowledge the first nation people of Australia who are the traditional custodians of the lands Australia and pay my respects to their elders both past and present.
 I had the opportunity to run a workshop at ANU and speak to 20 mostly students about West Papua and the DLP position and current policy. Some questioned why the Greens would not support the motion our senator John Madigan put in the Senator supporting Independence. I stated they prefer the term self determination and they would have to ask the Greens directly the reason why as I have no idea.

Many were very concerned about the environment damage being done by Freeport Gold and Copper Mine and some want more information on that part of the damage being done by the current position of the Indonesian government. Daniel was to speak about that issue at another time during the week of events. Daniel ran a short move on the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua which still amazes me on how brave these people were taking on the Indonesians

At the Aboriginal Tent Embassy elders made a commitment to support the rights and freedom of the West Papuan people from Colonial rule by now their new masters Indonesia. We were welcome by a smoking ceremony and then we raised the West Papuan Morning Star Flag in solidarity with those who are jailed and tortured for such an event in West Papua.

Our protests at both the Indonesian and Dutch embassies saw about 6 representatives supporting us. Both the Indonesian and Dutch embassies refused our request to accept a letter. Stated they were concerned about security. Maybe a letter bomb a bit sad given we had the Australian Federal Police present who could have easy check the letter before handing it over. It appears they don't want to engage us or be reminder of the atrocities being carried out by the Indonesian Military or TNI in West Papua today.

My next event will be taking to unions in Melbourne next week. Hope they can support the people of West Papua like they did for East Timor. I will also be in Darwin NT in August 2014 a time and date to be confirmed.

Once again our commitment to the people of West Papua is strong and we will not stop until they are free from Indonesian military oppression and given true democracy.
I hope you enjoy the photos of the events attached
Anthony Craig

Democratic Labour Party of Australia
Po Box 167
Lithgow NSW 2790
Mobile 0408699615


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