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Gustaf Kawer: We Will Appeal

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JAYAPURA (UMAGI)-- One of the attorneys Forkorus Yaboisembut Cs, Gustaf Kawer state judges decision is considered very far from the facts of the trial, because the PH will appeal the decision related to Monday (19/3) future.
"We will appeal because the district court judge considered very ambiguous, very far from the facts of the trial," he said when contacted Kawer, Friday (16/3) yesterday, in Jayapura, Papua.

According Kawer, the decision shall not consider the facts persidingan, especially about democracy and freedom of expression in public.

Besides That, further Kawer, there is inconsistent use of an article by a panel of judges in giving judgment.
"If the judge declared treason chapter are met or proven, should be an element in the experimental section are not met," he said.
Kawer also see pledoi judge disagreed with counsel, but agreed with the prosecution, even though the prosecution, the prosecution proved the elements maker forgot they mean.
"It is fatal, because the prosecutor was clearly not able to prove the charges, but justified by the judge," said Kawer which is one of the senior lawyers in the land of Papua.
In a ruling Friday (16/3) yesterday, chaired by Judge Jack Johannis Octavian, SH. MH, assisted by I Ketut Suarta, SH. Martina Orpah, SH. Syors Mambrasar, SH. and W. Marco Erari, SH prison sentence of three years jail term cut to the fifth defendant.
Assembly decision, the judge in the fifth defendant to snare Article 106 of the Penal Code Jo Article 55 Paragraph (1) to-(1) Jo Penal Code Article 53 Paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code, which participated to treason trial and the defendant should be sentenced to imprisonment as well as goods evidence will be destroyed.
Those sentenced to dihukuman, Forkorus Yoboisembut (58) Chairman of the Papua Customary Council, Edison Waromi (47) President WPNA, Selfius Bobi (33) human rights activist, Dominic Sorabut (31) human rights activists, and August Kraar (45) activist.
All five were arrested after the reading of the declaration occurred when Papua People's Congress (KRP) III held at the Field Zantho Zacchaeus, Abepura, Papua, 16-19 October 2011. (Oktovianus POGAU)




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