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(Photo:Oration In Embassy Office  Netherland country)

By: Musa Pekey

If   I monitor all back problem is happen  In west papua island  this not be connected with prolem live  welfare for the people of papua selves , but the people of papua not want accept welfare is to mention name  programme  special autonomy of centre Java.The people of west papua had   frequent refuse the programme ,so at moment this the people of papua regust freedom not welfare . 

Precident SBY ever said in jakarta post online  that”The people of papua is needing infrastructure  development , economy welfare,enugh education “indeed  Mr.SBY ever said like as that but in that case only closed shy  of  view i  say that  Papuan  not same with Indonesian to look from side  skin  color  and cultue with religion its .

Such likewise usage lives daily Papuan with Indonesian that very  different far good from side economy,culture,although system another is yet to mention ,so had clear that lives these very different .so Indonesia not necessary said the  papua is mention part of the Indonesia area .  when this  Indonesia state back done UUD 1945 becouse leader in Indonesia not operate with good according to law to be valid ,in fact reality which  happen in papua island is Indonesia army done operation clear is had make by Indonesia army between  at years  1962-1969. 

 The Indonesia army had  did many oppress toward papua woman with cut vulva milk in order that not to give birth child his for  next .indonesia had did to pass border  human right fundamental in fact that justice manner human and  must aquitable but this state is doing with violence toward Papuan .

Question for Indonesia state ?

1.what is mean  programme specially autonomy for the Papuan?
2.who is to enjoy  special autonomy that in papua province whereas in fact in Jakarta were meny  street singers.proper this programme  must given to  papua province?
3.What is the people of west papua that can”t  search food  and  dringking selves or can’t  live stand alone?

 So by such Papuan hope of  view international law for can helped in that case solution finished problem papua ,so necessary to perform dialogues between Jakarta and papua,with must in mediation by united nations in order that solution these can finished manner dignity and human so that can to create condition which safe and peace.god bless us all which still  to feel longing the other especially in papua island.

Writer  Is University Student Of Papua Live In West Jawa.



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