Thursday, July 10, 2014

Central KNPB of West Papua: Simulation of Referendum and Boycotting Indonesian President

WEST PAPUA     12:54 PM  

Central KNPB West Papua – The referendum simulation activities carried out by Central KNPB West Papua concern to performing pre-referendum as well as educated people of West Papua which to acknowledge of understanding. Therefore, KNPB work closely with West Papua Parliament every regions to participated, include to BOYCOTT Indonesian presidential election whereas running by International world criminal regime.

Simulation of Pre-referendum In according announced by the West Papuan Independence Leader, Benny Wenda to Boycotting Indonesian Presidential Election on July 9, 2014 and refused Indonesia election in West Papua.
Spokesman of KNPB West Papua, Ucak Bazoka Logo, and proceed with the distribution of ballots for the election or voting process. My point of view to exercise and educate people of West Papua how to voting when REFERENDUM will take place in west Papua.
My messages to the people of West Papua who are living in West Papua and everywhere united voices to BOYCOTTING Indonesian presidential election, because for 52 years annexation we are becoming minority, and Indonesia managed to killed more than 500.000 our woman, and children.

We will vote freely when our destiny for Independence free from Indonesia colonialism and apartheid in West Papua.


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