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Needle Sewn Mouth Papuans Weapons

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Every year, starting from April 1963-2013, there was a debate over the Land of Papua. The debate still continues today (01/05-2013). In particular, the listening, reading and critiquing Papua existence in the late-late April, to celebrate May 1 in each year.
Will also hear expressions opposite between the Indonesian government and the Papuan people. It is not confined to a particular place that is virtually wherever they are.

Initially, before May 1, 1963, the government of Indonesia and the Dutch government to fight over her mouth Papua indigenous Papuans. When it is, the Land of Papua silent helpless due to coercion. Hearing the Papuans as if covered with thickened ear wax. Only a few people forced the carrier Papuan aspirations for all that time.

This justified a former teacher in Wamena as historical actors PEPERA imposed. Merurut him, people present, only teachers and artisans so clearly PEPERA victory they won. When the availability of artisan and teacher Papuans can be calculated and then the other was a nobody?

Their mouths sewn needle guns. Dilunakan their hands with cigarettes pack etc.. Therefore, we know that the representation is only 1025 people representing over 800,000, the total population of indigenous Papuans. Because the indigenous people called the Act of 1969 was flawed and moral law. I borrow the phrase, Selpius Bobii, Chairman of Front Act of PB.

The same thing happened in April 2013, to welcome the May 1, 2013. That the voices of indigenous Papuans to mengespresikan his opinion in public. Whether in print, online, and public discussions and closed it compared well with democracy. Expressions are dealt freely by the public is a long march and demonstration. And it's actually very supported by the force of law that Indonesia is a democratic country.

Opinions expressed Papuans who want nothing but this time the lawyer's annexation of the Nation, the State Soil and Water West Papua, made in the Netherlands to the Republic of Indonesia. History testifies, dated May 1, 1963 was the day the annexation or early sufferings of the Papuan people in their ancestral land. That thing needs to be clarified originated from aspiration. Acceptance of the state receipts aspirations of its people, especially the state of democracy berlebel. Democratic countries should be ready to accept the bitter-sweet, tasty least

When asked where the proof? Mari, please read, a book: "Act of Free Choice", P. J. Drooglever. Like also been confirmed in the "STATEMENT Chairman of West Papua Front Act of Annexation cut in 50 Years Homeland, Nation and State of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia, May 1, 1963 - May 1, 2013, (Muye Voice, Monday 29 April 2013)".

Related democracy was like what? We should know the actual meaning of the word democracy. Pigai Honoratus, a Papuan student explained, word democracy comes from the Ancient Greek language, which consists of two words, namely, demos meaning people, and kratos / cratein which means the government, so it can be interpreted as a government of the people, or the more we know as government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Then the mechanisms of democracy as a form or system of government of a country, as an effort to realize the sovereignty of the people (citizen power) over the country to be run by the state government, (Muye Voice).

By knowing the facts of life Definition of Democracy and the Papuans in Papua, really unfortunate. Papuans mouth covered by force, not bemartabat, the biadap and all carriage democracy has been lost in the vastness of the Earth Papua.

For the people of Papua is no longer valid word democracy, democratic state laws increasingly faded, keyakinn that Indonesia is a democracy has faded original color. People of Papua as part of the country, proved no guarantee. Although there is no guarantee just because the mouths of the people of Papua is covered by force. Weapons applies to tailor mouth Papuans. The full equipment just to cut state aspirations in democracy, says Papua.

Necessity due to the erosion of the meaning of democracy shut up, then we can find in the following some headline writing. From both Indonesia and the people of Papua:

"The right of Self-Determination for the People of Papua Democratic Solution", "AMP Bandung degree Sues Actions Integration, May 1", Commemoration Day Annexation, AMP coordinate Yogyakarta Papuan Students Down Road "," Morning Star fluttering in Timika, 5 Arrested "," May 1: Police Work in the tomb of Theys Bakti, KNPB Worship at Hope Village "," KNPB Nabire provoked calls for the People's Agenda Not invaders and build solidarity "," Forkompas and SMPP Papua Condemns Annexation to the Homeland "," December 1, 1962, Early Suppression Freedom expression in Papua "," http://www.suarapembaruan.com/home/otk-menembak-mati-anggota-polsek-di-papua/34635 ", and others.

This is only a handful of posts, many prior posts expressive tone, a result of state coercion and cover the mouth of the Papuans. Shut up by force by the state of democracy in the Land of Papua, is unfortunate because the victims fell. Thus would be useless to say part of the Republic of Indonesia Papua, while no longer willing to uphold or hurt democracy.

Of the fade is said to have the value of democracy by democracy, let's find of forcing people not to speak out in a democracy. What else forces TNI / police forcibly shut your mouth up killing people. For example, two people were shot dead in Sorong, pemenjarahan 5 KNPB members in Timika, pemenjarahan two KNPB members in Jayapura, OTK more fertile and so forth.

Now it's time to admit the error correcting and use the word "democracy" in West Papua, as proven the facts and consequences. With it, set the state of democracy without the people's mouths shut and no hidden face behind demoktasi said. As a result of all of them, distrust of any country on earth will awake magnificent Papua.

Niko is a student Wakei Papua, Jayapura college


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