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Press Release

Ideals of free human beings enjoying civil and political freedom and freedom from fear and want and democracy can only be achieved if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his civil rights and political rights and economic, social and cultural. Under the United Nations Charter states shall promote universal respect for and observance of human rights and human freedom.
Under article 28, paragraph 1-2 letters AJ which guarantees every person the right to gather in association for menjampaikan public opinion orally or in writing. Can only be achieved if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his civil rights and political rights and economic, social and cultural.
In organizing the delivery of public opinion by delivered by the Papua regional police director Intelkam on 21 May 2013 with the basic laws NO 9 1998 independence neighbor delivered in public and regulatory Indonesian police chief rebublik NO 07 of 2012 the exact procedure and security service delivery handling the case, pursuant to Law No. 9 KNPB raised against the rules is no strong legal basis. And we are a resistance organization that rules made by the Indonesian government was illegal on the ground of Papua. There are 5 points presented by the Director Intelkam polada Papua as the rule of law is not fundamental,
1. KNPB violating the rules with reason reason given by the police that, on the 13th of May in 2013 suspected of KNPB barred UNCEN campus activities resulted in stunted lecture, this is not true because a peaceful demonstration on 13 May 2013 the Solidarity of all such organizations BEM UNCEN WPNA GRDP and several other organizations so that cross campus is not KNPB but by fellow students who care about humanity campus bars on the alleged human rights violations that occurred last May 1 in sliding Aimas, because they also itkut involved and the action date of 13 May not only the action KNPB.
2. In respect of the May 2, 2012 on KNPB suspected of throwing is not true at the time that did not KNPB pelemparang the building but peleparang and ripping billboards posted kubernur candidate side of the road, so that is done is by political opponents associated governor's race, because occur throwing buildings but there is not a candidate for governor billboards on the side of the road, and not breathing instructions KNPB future conduct pelemparang action until there is a lowered, so from political opponents, even occurs when KNPB demo yet, it's just political opponents advantage of the situation.
3. Cross the road at the time of the traffic in the demo KNPB lift against the rules, but we do not judge any of it KNPB but blame the city government and the provincial government because of the way in the Capital city of Jayapura as pembagunan the province should be widened and buildings of shophouses and street vendors on the side of the road should be 50 feet from the side of the road, because every community events such as Weddings, KKR match and flooded even during gymnastics and other sports in this town are always jammed, so we KNPB violating the rules, means any activity in the society to curb traffic jam also violate traffic rules. but why only KNPB the blame. any right to the government to renofasi roads and buildings in this city.
4. then suspected of inhibiting the activity of trader activity on this land we never stopped, and we never expel immigrants in the demonstrations, but their own in this case immigrants, because at the time we used to buy the action of water on the road dipingkir figures, not never forbid them something to eat in this land, and we never threatened to shut down their businesses when we act, if there is a rally at KNPB means that persons and parties who do not like the rallies degan KNPB are doing, not KNPB .
5. Meanwhile, on May 2, 2013 KNPB protests are suspected mistreatment of people and Army members along the way that is not true because on 2 May 2013 we no demo activities, except on the 1st May 2013 we held a prayer commemorating the annexation at village Sentani expectations, if there when and where and who committed abuses against the public and members of the Army?
Referring to the No. 9 unadang-uandang 1998 CHAPTER III in chapter 7 sebagagi rights and obligations which are delivered by the Director of the Papua regional police Intelkam, we considered that, Papua regional police actually commit abuses in Papua, rights and obligations in Article 7 of Chapter III which say that the : (a) Protecting Human Rights (b) Respect for the principle of legality and (c) Respect for the principle of presumption of innocence, and (d) Holding Security, here we assess the actual police continue committing crimes or breaking the rules as mentioned in the points A, B , C and Points pasa 7 CHAPTER III where firing Against Mako Tabuni Chair 1 KNPB in shooting By Police in Detachment 88 on the 14th of June Mako Tabuni behind all actors suspected of shooting in Jayapura and including the German, without Patak Mako Tabuni in shooting death and droving KNPB as oraganisasi criminal. Penembahkan to mako actually just pure hands of the security forces and the police in this case, above all penembahkan in Papua at the time, so from all of this we kejadia menimpulkan that mysterious shooting in Jayapura including the German only scenario conducted by Kopassus bin, and also shooting of the late Mabel Chairman Hubertus Commissariat KNPB center in firing by Detachment 88 and the Chief of Police in Wamena Jayawijaya shooting in kamung halamanya tagggal last december 16 killed on the way to the town of Wamena. Mako Tabuni and Mabel Hubertus victims without legal evidence is clear in the sense that they are not necessarily the perpetrator and not the police so the police shot them dead berti breaking point A. Human rights and the breaking points Berduga Not guilty. So the police actually become actors of violence in West Papua.
Based on the allegations against KNPB the above is not true and is not fundamental to restrict our political rights therefore we request to the Government of Indonesia and Papua Regional Police that:
1. Papua Police and the Indonesian government to silence Jagan Political rights and civil rights of the people of West Papua, and KNPB without a clear legal basis.
2. Referring to the Law No. 9 CHAPTER III Article 7 points a and c points, the government of Indonesia in This SBY and Police and Commander of paradise should be Responsible for Shooting Mako Tabuni And Hubertus Mabel, because they shot violate laws - no presumption of law guilty.
3. We KNPB West Papua National Committee For National Media West Papuans still going, doing resistance in this demonstration peaceful and dignified to Demand the Right to Self-Determination for the people of West Papua, because our Political Rights can not restrict by anyone because they Rights fate determination itself is guaranteed by international law.
4. Police Stop Criminalizing Perjuagan Papua and Papua People stop mengkambing Turn the KNPB as oraganisasi Criminal.
5. We urge high Kejaksana To Law And Human Rights in Papua Kakanwil soon Exempt Umu KNPB Chairman Victor Yeimo It Out For Future Punishment, and Imprisonment Chairman KNPB Poda said DPO list of prosecutors but Victor never run and have been in Jayapura why not captured during viding penalties apply? And also Vitor never escape, but he came out at that time was ill so the family treatment, so long as he saki sentence is over.
6. Stop provocation Papuan people through persuasion distribute groceries in the dormitories in the Church and society Linggungan For Police in the town police chief was not the Head of social.
7. We Requests the Government Membuaka International journalists to Papua, and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Violations Investigation Papua.

Ones Suhuniap
Sekjed KNPB

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