Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Proving History, Papua Has Living In The Glory

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Behind the murder, rape and assault by those, who do not want the people of Papua live in peace, peaceful and prosperous. Always in hadakan with silly actions that only brings misfortune and death to the people of Papua.

These properties are the result of engineering that has always grown to find a way out so that the people of Papua do not live in peace.

In fact in the history of the nation of Papua has been noted that, 1 December 1961 a triumph for the people of Papua. And this indicates that the people of Papua has stood alone as an independent and sovereign nation.

Thus, there is no disruption sued by whoever it is. Either the colonial or other countries that want to invade the nation of Papua.

And at that moment, the people of Papua have been studying all the things that people in need in the State of Papua. Like to learn how to sew clothes, building, engineering, agriculture and plantations, learn how to treat people, learn how to run aircraft engines, and well-formed army of Papua, in fact no one can design a nation State of Papua to the fore.

This sense of nationalism sudahtumbuh before Papua officially became an independent and sovereign state.

So, do not think that the creation of a nation of Papua is the result of interference of American States, Indonesia and other countries. It is engineering that only want the wealth of Papua.

The fact, that Papua has the legitimate de jure independence and de facto. And the United Nations have recognized. Thus, history has proven that the nation has a sovereign and independent Papua on 1 December 1961.

Papuan People Not Feeling Peaceful Life

Kenah misstep, one voice kenah, one domokrasi kenah, and one kenah politics. No one is justified

This system is going on in the nation of Papua. When menyuarkan truth to the colonizing nations, instead they hold up with sharp tools and other countries.

Looking for a way out, they are more clever to overcome the things that will happen, when there is voicing-penyuaran.

Because it happens constantly Papuan people have nev feel peace, peace and prosperity in a nation.

Murder, rape, and penganiyayan always happens everywhere, especially in the land of the people of Papua. This will be a cultural thing that has been instilled by the Indonesian nation.

And also, their presence in the nation of Papua, Papuan people worried would make it. Breathing is not no peace an d feel rakayat Papua. (KM / M)

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