Sunday, February 24, 2013


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Today, Sunday, February 24, 2013, at 15:00 CEST, officials thronged the Sentani Airport. Officials are not just waiting for the arrival of the shooting victims, but also prepare him for deployment to Puncak Jaya and Sinak. According to eyewitnesses, M, officers dropped from outside Papua, and they are scheduled to be dispatched to the Puncak Jaya and Sinak. According to eyewitnesses, the amount of hundreds of officers and did not rule, increasing the number of officers will be growing. Situations like this, it feared it would give birth to more and more civilian casualties.
Related dropping troops, Bovit, Chairman of the Garda-P, said, In humanity we share berbelasungkawa the victim officers. According to him, This impact of eye glances sebela by the State. Dirilkan talk peace but not by the State. Shooting in protest of all the processes undertaken by the Republic for not seeing eye aspirations of the people pobud echoed continuously. Shooting, the real impact of the State that ignores the demands of the people. According Bovit, whether by the way, allowed to continue or the government should take the middle road. He continued, matter of dropping troops, military commander of conflict do not add too long. Do not do a military approach, as it will only result in conflict and protracted victim. The approach should be peaceful approach. Peace will only happen through negotiations or agreements. Troops would only prolong the conflict. Statement of Commander only emotionality, so that all parties should look at the problem in adults. Should the government encourage peace efforts through stages toward peaceful dialogue. Historical truth must be removed, and all cases of human rights violations must be disclosed. All problems must be addressed through dialogue with dignity for the creation of a peaceful land of Papua.
Meanwhile, according to Marthen Goo, dropping troops will only bring forth new violence, and will not create the Papua Peace. The shooting was actually part pemprotesan the obscurity of the State in efforts to create peace in Papua. Papuan people's right to life is threatened, but the country while neglecting, even visible, the State would encourage the extinction of the Papuan people. Papuan People asked you for Dialogue from 2000, and it still continues, until the birth of Rod Map Papua New book by LIPI, then the Papuan Peace Network encourages the importance of peace, but the state still continues to ignore it. Indonesia's president also said that breathing Goodwill Papua ground state to create peace through dialogue, but impressed, it's just an empty statement. Supposedly State (SBY) amends the public deception conveys breathing. Countries must be willing to open up the space peacefully through dialogue dimemediasi Neutral third party, if the State has a commitment to problem solving, not to reward him with a gun or a conflict or a new shooting, which will only prolong the problem. (*** BIKO ***).

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