Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Amazing pictures on the opening Ceremonial of the MSG Leaders Summit Meeting

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Foto Sebby Sambom.Awesome pictures on the opening Ceremonial of the MSG Leaders Summit Meeting in Honiara, Salomon Islands, on 34rd June 2015.
West Papuan seeking for Justice, peaces and freedom and West Papuan hopeful that MSG Leaders to bring back West Papua into their Melanesian Familys after last 53th years missing under control by the new colonial power of Indonesian with brutally Military operations in the Melanesian teritori of West Papua.
Safe West Papua Please…!!!!
West Papuan are Melanesian, not Indonesian Malay. Indonesian still kiiling West Papuan while destroying West Papuan lands and Indonesian is still steals West Papuan natures property or minerals wealth since 2015.
Indonesian authority also arbitrary arrest of West Papuan Independence Activists an every times, every years, and every days. This is an a crucial situation in West Papua. Please visit on and find all West Papuan Political Prisoners here.
West Papuan need all Melanesian Familys support and safe West Papua by the Genocide crimes agains’t by the Indonesian Military armed.
We whould like thank you to all Melanesian people from Salomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Kannaki and Papua New Guinea. We know that you has been to stand on West Papua issues as possible way now.
By Sebby Sambom
An Independence Activist of West Papua
Former West Papuan Political Prisoner


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