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Forum-Revolutionary National Liberation Army of Free Papua Movement (TPN-OPM) has urged the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) immediately formed a team of negotiators related to the political status of West Papua nation.The talks were intended, namely high-level talks of international oversight of a neutral third country. Spokesman Revolution Forum TPN-OPM, Saul. Y. Bomay said, the issue of the political status of West Papua nation of Indonesia is not the issue, but an international problem."So, we hope that there should be a triangular negotiations between the nation of Papua, the Indonesian nation and a neutral third country. We urge that an international negotiation so that both sides of the conflict find a conclusion to the people of West Papua, "said Saul, in Abepura, Jayapura, Monday (25/2).Key actors or countries in the talks, said Saul, the first United States, Netherlands, Republic of Indonesia, UNTEA-UN and others, the political victim TPN-OPM as single and politically responsible people of West Papua.Also according to Saul, witnesses and perpetrators Act of 1969 which saw the Act of 1969 took place. "Later, we will see in the negotiations, whether in accordance with the New York Agreement August 15, 1962 or not," he explained.Saul explained, other than those mentioned, it should also involve institutions that have a strong legal force as the UN human rights team, Ammnesty International, an international NGO, the Legal Aid International (LBHI), the World Council of Churches and other institutions that berkompoten the force of law, as well as an independent team."In negotiations, it must involve the institutions that have the force of law so that the issue can be resolved Papua as a whole," he said.While the dialogue constructive communication is being said President Susilo Bambang Yodhoyono, Saul said, it is illegal. "Because of the Papuan people are not demanding welfare issues in Papua. That clarity, the Papuan people do not need dialogue constructive communication in Papua, "he explained.According to Saul, when the talks will not involve an independent third party, the problem did not reap Papua concrete conclusions and human rights violations will continue to increase. "I hope the central government keen to see the direction this dialogue, if countries like Papua safe and peaceful," he said.Also according to Saul, amid growing kericuan in Papua, the best solution is through dialogue but not a dialogue mediated by a high-ranking in the Republic of Indonesia. However, he hoped to be in mediation by a neutral third negata. "Without a third party then the voice of the people of Papua have denied the name of constructive dialogue communication made the Republic of Indonesia," he said. (Jubi / Ones Madai)

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