Sunday, August 17, 2014

Photo News: Free West Papua Campaign Netherlands Reject and Refuse “New York Agreement 1962”

WEST PAPUA     3:04 AM  

NETHERLANDS – Free West Papua Campaign Netherlands protested in The Hague, Netherlands yesterday to REJECT the "New York Agreement" which illegally handed West Papua to Indonesia on 15th August 1962 without consultation from any Papuan. 

We are demanding to the international communities, New York Agreement 1962 it was shameful history where America, Netherlands, and Indonesia made agreement without any Papuan involved. How come Netherlands sold West Papua to Indonesia without permission of the Papuan People?
We are demanding to the international communities to put pressure on Indonesia government to release two France journalists, Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat, in custody in Jayapura immediately.

Finally, we are very pleased to share with you the new Free West Papua Campaign (Nederland) official website! And if you want to find out more information about West Papua in the Dutch language, please visit for all information regarding the FWPC NL. 

Free West Papua

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