Friday, March 8, 2013

6 IN THE CAPTURE OF CIVIL Paniai, AND 2 OF tortured by police

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Paniai - At night the Police and the Army, senior representatives of Indonesia (SBY), dutugaskan in Papua, dikabupaten Paniai, reportedly 6 Mabii civilian from the capital of Paniai district were arrested and two other civilians were tortured without clear evidence, by Force armed (military-police). on Thursday dated March 7, 2013, 9:30 pm to 3:00 o'clock dawn.

D. Gobai, one Anggoto House of Representatives (DPR) Paniai district, reported that many people who were arrested during the night, for no reason that is not clear. They are among six civilians and two were tortured by the state, ie civilians Mesak Yeimo, KALEP Yeimo, Julian Yeimo, MUSA Yeimo, HAM Yeimo, AND SAM Yeimo. and 2 more people that OTILI GIYAI and Mesak MOTE, "

Gobay, said police and soldiers were put through Military Operations (MO) in the Madii. and six people were arrested on the stretcher. "on page 6 civilians daily work just sand sellers to meet family needs them." he said

incident, the people residing at the site and surrounding area Madii, shocked by the inhumane way sweping evening undertaken by rogue military officers. "Brutal action mausiawi not that, then the trauma and fear so deep. Gobay also states that the result of many residents who fled forestry, police and army to find the men and penyejar into the woods he did not know what happened to them what's going on forest, "he said.

it also dibanarkan, Y. Tatogo one of the civil servants (PNS), working at the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Uwibutu Paniai. According to him we were also surprised that the armed military forces into our house and scare us, then they ask you who? I said I was working in the hospital. then their direct path, what is the reason they are sweeping the night I do not know, "he said (Admin)



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