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There is no dialogue Jakarta-Papua

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Umagi-Papua-- Jayapura The originator of Jakarta-Papua dialogue that had been hoped that the Central Government is pleased to initiate a dialogue such as the Jakarta-Papua Papua Peace Network Coordinator (JDP) DR. Neles Tebay Papuan independence leaders and other figures, apparently had to restrain myself. Because the central government has hinted Jakarta-Papua Dialogue need not be done. But that needs to be done is constructive communication. It is as presented Sesmenkopolhukam Lt. Gen. (Ret) Hotma Panjaitan to Papua Star after meeting Vice Chairman I of the House of Papua Yunus Wonda SH in the Office of the Parliament of Papua, on Thursday (3 / 11). In fact, he said, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stressed that even the principal to resolve the Papua issue is constructive communication between central and local governments. "Dialog Jakarta-Papua exist because we are not outsiders. If an outsider were to dialogue but our neighbor was communicating. So it kept our lines of communication, "he said.Asked to Accelerate Development Unit's presence in Papua and West Papua (UP4B), he said, UP4B should be welcomed and encouraged all parties to work immediately.He stressed, meetings with stakeholders or stakeholders in Papua is part of constructive communication in order to get input from all parties concerning both the aspirations of the Papuan people in line with central government and that is not consistent.Nevertheless, he continued, trying to hear it then discussed together in Jakarta as a basis for determining rare or tindaklanjutnya."When the minister's time is limited we try to communicate more time like this with all parties and walks of life in Papua," he said.He said, through constructive communication it hoped the things that clog rather than the welfare of the Papuan people can look for a way out."So you can use the approach more clearly. If we think clearly easy to solve the problem, but when the sentiment sintimen which will be of interest or the interests of narrow groups that will actually interfere with clear thinking so we try to think in the same platform which Homeland platform, "he said.Related shooting incidents in some parts of Papua are promoted as constructive communication, he added, before it meets the Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police BL Tobing also make best efforts to continue to uncover problems that occurred in Papua issues. "I asked the police chief may reveal perisiwa as intensive as that event. If the perpetrator has been arrested must be processed in accordance with the law in order to more objectively.Apart from parliament met, the Secretary also met Menkopolhukam Papuan People's Assembly (MRP). In the meeting called for the MRP pattern approach to the problem of the Security in Papua after the Papuan People's Congress III can be done according to SOP.Humanitarian approach to pattern it should be paramount when dealing with people in Timika between SPSI with Freeport, Pattern Humanitarian approach is applied to reduce casualties in the community.MRP appeal was submitted directly to the Secretary Menkopolhukam DR. Hotmangaradja Pandjaitan, MH with a group of ministry Politics are present in Jayapura and conduct direct meetings with the leadership element of the MRP, Thursday (3 / 11) in the Office of MRP Kotaraja.The meeting between the MRP and the Secretary of the Ministry Politics Menkopolhukam intended to obtain information and official reports of these cultural institutions on the situation and solutions to solve the problem in Papua after the KSP III, Case Freeport and SPSI and the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy Act that do not fit people's expectations and assessed as well by the Central Government Central Government thus seeks to encourage the achievement of the process of acceleration of development in Papua and West Papua.While the journalist revealed Hotmangaradja Pandjaitan said proceedings and reports in the form of input has been heard from the MRP will be submitted to the Government, whether the report and input from the parties who are not satisfied or satisfied all be accommodated, of which there is a problem of injustice heard and taken into consideration and improvements to the safety and welfare of the people in Papua and the welfare of the people that's the main one, he said.With a report from the MRP Solutions The government will seek to establish regular communication with Papua is through the Constructive Communication for Constructive Communication Communication is built in order to equalize the commitment, to achieve welfare. The government itself acknowledges Have great attention to the welfare of the people in Papua. autonomy is considered successful if it has not recognized the government by forming a special desk Papua issue, namely the unit acceleration of development in Papua.Vice Chairman of the MRP Hophni Simbiak I reveal, the central government needs to look back on the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy Act since its implementation regulations overlap with Rule government to another position when an Act is higher than a government regulation, but the fact that there Autonomy Act loses its meaning and its implementation. (Mdc/Ven/don/l03)


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