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WPNA Rekomendasikan Forkorus Yaboisembut Jadi Presiden

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JAYAPURA, - National Authority of West Papua (West Papua National Autority / WPNA) recommend the Chairman of the Papua Customary Council Forkorus Yaboisembut as President of the Democratic Republic of West Papua. Recommendation that they convey in their political views read by Frans Kapisa in the middle of the Papuan People's Congress III, Monday (17/10) in Abepura, Papua. In addition, they also recommended the President ONPB Edison Waromi as Prime Minister.III Papuan People's Congress opened on Monday (17/10/2011) in Abepura, Papua by the Collective Leadership of Papua, such as Forkorus Waromi Yaboisembut and Edison. The event was attended by some 5,000 participants were held in the Field Zacchaeus, Abepura. Participants who attend come from various regions of Papua. Director General of Regional Autonomy, the ranks of the leadership of the province of Papua, and some community leaders are not present in the grand event.
The views expressed by ONPB is one of the agenda which then filed for a number of speakers who are scheduled to give input also absent. Representatives, the National Liberation Army of Free Papua Movement (TPN-OPM) Cassowary region, Manokwari who attended the event to support the political attitudes ONPB.
"Various views and thoughts that we accommodate all," said Chairman of the Committee of Congress, Selfius Bobii.
According Bobii, many components and other elements that will convey their political views, such as the Papuan Customary Council and the Papuan Presidium Council.
Papuan People's Congress III alone, according Bobii will still proceed. The possibility of the Congress will stretch through Friday (21/10/2011).
One reason is, some of which are scheduled on the agenda of the first day of the congress can not be implemented. In addition to opening that runs smoothly and festive, the event's first day was filled with the election of chairperson, the reading order and the delivery of political views. Although held in the middle of the field, people enthusiastically followed the congress.
Chairman of the Papua Customary Council welcomes the enthusiasm Forkorus Yaboisembut society. According to him, it's part of the struggle of indigenous Papuans to enforce their fundamental rights.
He asserted, though the people of Papua struggling on their basic rights, including political rights, but they still appreciate the Government of Indonesia. "Our struggle is not a struggle to destroy the Republic of Indonesia. That's the principle," said Yaboisembut.
He argues, Papuans are not striving to undermine or destroy the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. "We strive to uphold our fundamental rights, including political rights, including the right to independence as a nation," he said.Collective Leadership Committee and Papua, according to him, has no particular agenda. The people who will proceed in the congress. And whatever be produced, Yaboisembut hope, the Government of Indonesia is able to appreciate (umagi)


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