Monday, July 15, 2013

"Free speech AMP, RATED Act of 1969, NOT DEMOCRATIC, self-determination DEMOCRATIC SOLUTION FOR THE PAPUA"

WEST PAPUA     3:09 AM  

YOGYAKARTA - Hundreds period, members of the Alliance of Papuan Students (Amp) Committee of the city of Yogyakarta and Solo, Deploying Akasi free pulpit and brought the morning star poster, poster demands action, Banners Big Four. Act of 1969 protests against the undemocratic and Disability Law by Indonesia in 1969. Action Center next roundabout Gajah Mada University of Yogyakarta (UGM-Y), on Monday (07/15/2013), the action of free speech Tight escorted by police and Intel Sleman Police Chief, and the local police chief. 

Representative Women of West Papua Movement (GPPB), told us we were being bullied and raped and shot at by the military (and police tonnes) of Indonesia, so we want to be free like freedom itself, politics is Firmly in Oration."In this action, Suria Y, as the Coordinator of the action with the attitude statement read Decisive Act of 1969 was Democratic!!! Rights of Self-Determination for the People of Papua Democratic Solution" she pointed out. 

Then, demands action 1. Give Freedom and Self-Determination Right For Democratic Solution For Papuans. 2. Menuntup and stop the exploitation activities of all company-owned MNC Imperialist countries; Freeport, BP, Tangguh LNG, Medco, Corindo and others from around the country Papua.3. Interesting Indonesian Military (TNI-Police) Organic and Non-Organic from across Papua to stop all forms of crimes against humanity by the Indonesian state against the people of Papua. 

Then, the UGM roundabout road was jammed for 3 hours, because the road to taking action Prakmen Example Act of 1969 in the course of Papua. there is a Papuan society, there is also the Indonesian military as well as UN envoy."In the beginning of the Act describes Since 14 July to 2 August 1969 and was previously. From 809,337 Papuans have the right, represented only 1025 people who had previously been quarantined and only 175 people who give opinions. Deliberation for Indonesia to implement the Consensus legitimize PEPERA not democratic, full of terror, intimidation and manipulation and the gross human rights violations.Furthermore, the Act was considered o democratic, then the action fueled future together, go with Waita, Bese, Papuan songs. Further to the Political Oration. seen much action this time period dikeliligi police action and in every way diarea eyes meet in the campus policy and Bus, Car Motor Police, of 3,000 people, but the action runs safely and smoothly. (M / Andy)


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