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Two Agitators Given Honours By Police in Papua

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Tito Karnavian Gave the Honours
After leading campaigns of killing, slaughtering and repressing the people of West Papua and KNPB activists, Papua Police Chief, Tito Karnavian decorated two perpetrators of human rights violations at the Jayapura City Police Station yesterday (14/6), a day which coincided with the murder of KNPB leader Mako Tabuni one year ago, on 14 June 2012.
The two officers of the Jayapura City Police, Commissioner Kiki Kurnia, Head of Ops of the Jayapura City Police, and Brigadier Afandi, member of the Public Order Jayapura Police (Dalmas), were decorated because it was considered that they had successfully incited a riot, dispersed it and then arrested Victor Yeimo, the KNPB chairman, and subsequently for intimidating the demonstrators and battering them violently, resulting in one of the victims having his arm broken by the police.
These events occurred during the KNPB-led demonstration [on 13 May] which demanded the proper handling and resolution of the human rights abuses case which occurred some days earlier when two people were killed in Aimas District, Sorong, as the people were commemorating 50 years of Annexation of West Papua into Indonesia on 1 May. “The purpose of my visit, firstly, is to see for myself if peace has been restored in Jayapura; if Jayapura is at peace, then Papua is at peace, and vice-versa. Secondly I came to pay tribute to two members of the Jayapura Police because I greatly appreciate their efforts in curbing the demonstration some time ago, on 13 May 2013, to be precise” said Tito Karnavian to Bintang Papua, a local newspaper (15/6).
According to our observations however, Commissioner Kiki Kurnia is an operational commander who never subjected himself to the orders of his direct superior, Alfred Papare, Jayapura police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner. This sort of misbehavior was witnessed during every demonstration that occurred, where on several occasions Kiki Kurnia ignored orders from Senior Commissioner Papare, and he in fact acted against his orders, which often upset his superior because he was losing face in front of the community they are supposed to be serving.
In addition, he was given special instructions by the Papuan Police, without the knowledge of his own Senior officer Commissioner Papare, to incite a riot that would lead to a clash between the police and demonstrators and to justify, in a twisted way, the capture of leaders of peaceful movements, in particular KNPB leaders. He did exactly that during the planned demonstration led by Victor Yeimo on 13 May, when members of the Jayapura City Police intimidated the KNPB demonstrators and when one victim had his arm broken and at least 5 people were severely beaten.
More recently, on the orders of Kiki Kurnia, Buchtar Tabuni, Chairman of the West Papua National Parliament, was arrested and severely beaten for no apparent reason on 12 June, while he was driving to the Mandala stadium field to watch Persipura play, his favorite team. In effect, he was decorated by the Papuan Police chief precisely because of all the human rights violations he perpetrated. In all honesty, the one who came close to deserving such an award would have been Jayapura Police Chief, Alfred Papare, who, during this same demonstration faced the Papuans with cold blood, and who showed understanding so that the demonstration would occur peacefully. The same can be said about Philipus Halitopo who during the demonstration tried a cultural approach when he engaged with the demonstrators.
The most shameful of it all is that Papua Police Chief Tito Karnavian conducted a public deception when he presented the award yesterday, “Well as I see it, the events that occurred on 13 May are one example of how the police can handle demonstrations amid problems caused by an uncontrollable mob. They tried to have a dialogue but it did not work, instead they stoned and beat our officers, and as a result these two police officers were wounded” said Tito.
Ones Suhuniap, Secretary General of KNPB, showing the results of an X-ray of the fractures of one of the victims
Nothing could be further from the truth, as in fact, according to Ones Suhuniap, Secretary General of KNPB, the assaulting and the beatings were conducted by the riot police of Jayapura City police in the first place, including the breaking of the arm of one of the demonstrators, Mark Giban (20).
On 14 June 2012, Mako Tabuni [who was one of the main leaders of the KNPB] was killed by members of the Jayapura City Police. On 14 June 2013, members of the Jayapura City Police received decorations. In its effort to be the medium for the voices of the struggle of the people through peaceful protests and the defender of human rights, KNPB is constantly the target of arrests, terror, intimidation and murder. (Teanslated by Leonie Tanggahma)


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