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SBY Agree Papua Merdeka Post 2014 presidential election?

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Dogopia Herman, not yet born when the whole territory of Papua and West Papua was colonized by the Dutch t1963. But from the stories her parents and grandfather, the nation's Dutch colonizers is not for the people of Papua,

Why? Because the Netherlands, in treating Papuans approach is to always love and brotherhood.

Dutch, in the building of West Irian - Papua behalf of all the time, doing the obvious planning. Every town has a designation. There is a city of education, commerce city, city, city of culture, and the city government.

And impressive, hundreds of years the Dutch colonized Papua. as long as it's not one bullet they use to kill the people of Papua. Human rights violations by the Dutch colonists simply because it does not prepare or allow it became an independent state.

Violations of human rights does not become a popular term in the Dutch era. But the face of the Papuan people who are breaking the law that established the Dutch government, have always resolved through the law.

Concretely, although there are people who commit violations, no matter how serious the offense categories, with no legal solution execution.

When Herman was still a child "inexperienced" just beginning to learn the alphabet and Indonesian, he experienced a period - that parent and grandfather fought against the Indonesian government.

In 1969, when Papua new six-year return to the bosom of Mother Earth, some Papuan men into the woods. They are not satisfied and questioned the benefits of the Act (the Act) established by the United Nations and the results in favor of Indonesia.

Face 'rebellion', the military led by Brigadier General Sarwo Eddhie Wibowo (now deceased), deployed troops to a place against the Act.

Impressive that can not be forgotten Dogopio Herman, son of the late fruit Sarwo Eddhie it, never acted rude let alone kill people even if they meet the hated Indonesian Papua.

The situation is very different from the current situation. No more approaches as practiced by the Dutch and the army men Sarwo Eddhie. General of the deceased, an in-law of the President of Indonesia from 2004 to 2014 period.

The 180-degree change, is increasingly making the Papuan people want a quick escape from the Homeland.

For 50 years the people of Papua became part of Indonesia's population of millions, there have been countless young lives are lost due to homicide Papua by Indonesia executor is the postscript of his own people.

The nation's children were killed by their own people.

"Almost none of the issues are not resolved by violent means, including murder. So that a question among us, what is the meaning of freedom in the frame Homeland", lamented Herman Dogopia, Papua Caucus members in conversation with INILAH.COM in Jakarta recently.

Conversations sparked by the recent political developments with a strong desire to separate Papua from the Homeland.

OPM (Free Papua Movement) in mid-April and received permission from the government of the city of Oxford in England to have a representative in the city. The opening of the representative office of the de facto recognition of the OPM UK.

According to Herman, Papua Caucus directly mersepons and invite relevant officials to discuss the future of Papua in the frame of the Homeland. But the results of the talks or discussions with Papua Caucus, is not the same as its application in the field.

Herman, or the members of the Caucus, believes though Britain has always expressed diplomatically still recognized Indonesian sovereignty over Papua. But, according to her English even any country that understands the treatment Indonesian Papuan people will always side with the anti-Indonesian.

Herman the day-to-day work in Jakarta has even become a member of one of the parties participating in the 2014 election without a doubt confirms the aggressiveness OPM, the Papuan independence, apart from the Homeland a matter of time. That has been awaited since essentially all the Papuan people nowadays is a supporter of OPM.

To be honest, Herman said Dogopio, any movement is done frontman OPM current and future, will always be supported by all the people of Papua. Many quietly, but as the old saying goes, silence is golden (silent is golden). That's true attitude of the people of Papua today.

"I'll bet, though he's officials, get preferential treatment from the government in Jakarta, but the heart and blood they've turned out to be members or supporters of OPM", he said.

The reason is very simple. Indonesian government that controls the remote Papua from Jakarta, do not ever want to have a dialogue that does not understand the real situation.

He always remembered the late Gus Dur. 4th President of Indonesia, the willingness to open a dialogue with the leader of the OPM, including changing the name of the region of Irian Jaya to Papua.

Questions that haunt the people of Papua, why the GAM (Aceh), the government is willing to open a dialogue, but with OPM, not willing?

Herman admits escalation to independence had faded. But then flared up after OPM leader, Theys Eluay murdered or killed. On 11 November 2001 he was found dead in his car outside the city of Jayapura.

The desire to be independent, more fiery mainly triggered by the statement of the President last year.

According to Herman, was an open secret in Papua that the President does not want a dialogue with the Papuan people. For whatever reason but that certainly agree SBY himself had declared Papuan independence.

Requirement: SBY later after no longer be President. administration.

"You should be independent, provided it's not in my era," Herman said quoting the President when he met with religious leaders from Papua, December 11, 2011.

Statements that are not communicated to the media in a chain then told by Papuan church leaders who met with Yudhoyono in Cikeas in the end of the year 2011.

Statement of President SBY is surprising though is between Papuan leaders still wonder, whether SBY was not a mistake.

Herman also questioned the policy includes a President who formed UP4B (Unit to Accelerate Development in Papua and West Papua), led by retired General Bambang Darmono (not Darsono - ed).

"What is the duty and the goal not given when UP4B operating funds and personnel are adequate?" asked Herman.

Herman also wonder why UP4B leaders remain silent? Does it work unit was set up just to accommodate friends of the president that had the status and activities?

With the above facts - as a member of the Caucus of Papua, Papua Herman concluded that the problems in the current Homeland deliberately left by the Yudhoyono regime.

He was still able to smile even with a wry smile, for a variety of problems left by the current regime, it was not just the issue of Papua.

An omission that risk. But what can I say. "Do not Cry For Me Papua." [Mor]



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