Monday, May 13, 2013

This chronology of Arrest Head Dissolution Demo and KNPB

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Approximately 07.00 CET, Monday, (13/05/13), students, civil society activists and the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and multiple organ movement in Jayapura who are members of Solidarity Enforcement of Human Rights in Papua gather and do political speeches peacefully in front of the campus of the University of Paradise (Uncen), Waena Jayapura. watchlist, they continued to make speeches while waiting for another mass action from around Waena who want to join in there. Meanwhile, the mass action of Sentani and Expo planned direction heading straight to the gate for the next Abepura Uncen with masses of Uncen Waena joined the mass action from Jayapura and at the point of action, the MRP office.

In accordance with the call for action issued on May 10, the action is scheduled on May 13 at the office dipusakan Papuan People's Assembly (MRP) from all directions. Action aims to hold the Governor of Papua, Police Chief and Commander of violent freedom of expression on the May 1 (50-year annexation of Papua) which led to the deaths of two young men and a woman in Sorong and the arrest of dozens of people in Timika, Biak and Fak Fak.

Mass action of Uncen Waena went on foot to join the masses of Sentani and Expo in Uncen Abepura. However, when the mob arrived at the Housing 3 Waena, just round the taxi, at 07.30 CET, suddenly confronted apparatus comprising Dalmas and Papua Police Mobile Brigade.

About 1 hour, going to bargain with the authorities. Officers to stop asking for mass action and only a few representatives who met MRP to convey intent mereka.Tetapi, mass action and refused to take action to keep them.

Finally, at 09:47 CET, the authorities forcibly dispersed and arrested forcibly mass action Yongky Ulimpa (23) students, Ely Kobak (17) students, Marten Manggaprow WPNA Secretary General, Victor Yeimo KNPB Chairman, and Members Asso Noved KNPB. Reasoned the police, the activists were arrested for not having a permit and also KNPB deemed not listed on National and Political Unity Agency in Jayapura.

Some time later, the mass action regroup and move them to Uncen Abepura action with tight security apparatus. At the same time, the mass of Jayapura city and surrounding areas began to arrive at the MRP office. When the mob arrived at the office of the MRP and when giving speeches while waiting for the mass of the direction Abepura, police forcibly dispersed. Police controlled gate MRP area.

The media monitoring, none of MRP members are out of the office to meet the mass action was tense with the authorities at the time. Police master MRP area with two cars. Brakuda, 1 Panzer and 10 trucks equipped weapon.

At the same time, the mass action of the direction Waena and Sentani had arrived at the gate Uncen Abepura. They do speeches there, before heading to the office of the MRP. Their plan failed after the MRP office to the authorities to disperse the crowds in action here.

Until tonight, this media is difficult to contact the activists who were detained by police. Meanwhile, the police has not provided information regarding the dissolution. As mentioned by several policemen, arrests and forcible dissolution was done because the action has not been getting permits. In addition, the police have not registered at reasonable KNPB Kesbangpol.

When questioned about it, KNPB said it has granted license within their action regulations in Indonesia. "We've created a notification letter and had given to the police on May 10. Problems register to Kesbangpol, KNPB is a national committee. We will not bow down and sign up at any time.'s Land and our nation, why do we have to register," said one one member KNPB.


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