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Dago Gobay Jayapura Police Chief Denies Statement

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PAPUAN- Dago Ronald Gobay (37), one of the civilians who were arrested by police Depapre, on February 15, 2013 and then, denied the police were ambushed while meeting with Sabby Sambom and Terianus Sato, such as Jayapura Police statement, Chief Harry Royce Langie S.IK.MH, in one of the local media in Jayapura.

"We're not holding pertemuaan, let alone meet Sabby Sambom and Terianus Satto. Jayapura police chief lying if I said we were ambushed in the meeting, "said Gobay, when met reporters this media, Saturday (03/08/2013) and then, in the Cell custody, police Jayapura, Sentani, Papua.

Gobay tell, he and six colleagues were arrested around 09.00 Wit, in a different place, in the course of District Depapre toward Sentani.

"Some of the police using civilian clothes and holding a rifle holding us back. They asked us to come down and get down the ground, and then we were down to the Police Depapre, about five minutes and then transfer to the Jayapura police station, "said Gobay.

In Jayapura Police, he and his colleagues interrogated separately. When questioned, no one was hit in the face until he bled, in the head, and some even in setrom the power cord to confess when she planned to meet Sabby Sambom and Terianus Satto.

He along with six colleagues in the interrogation began at 09.30 Wit, Wit until 24.00 or 12 o'clock at night, without being offered any food or drink.

Then, the next day, on February 16, 2013, they were interrogated again from 09.00 until 24.00 Wit Wit, with the same question, which is asked to recognize when you're planning pertemuaan with Sabby Sambom and Terianus Sato.

In the examination in their car, Dago admitted it encountered two sharp tool such as a kitchen knife he had just bought from the Old Market, Sentani.

According Dago, the knife did not endanger the lives of others, including law prohibited not in use.

"This knife mediocre, there are many who sell in the public market or markets, why do the police have to find a reason to arrest me," said Gobay who pleaded not guilty, and he was reluctant at damping legal counsel.

Dago was arrested in Jayapura police since February 15, 2013, and should have expired on March 8, 2013, but due to the completion of the police investigation Jayapura, Jayapura District Court issued an arrest extension number B-30/T.1.10/Euh letter. 1/03/2013, and will end on 16 April 2013.

Dago and one of his colleagues who were detained in the Jayapura Police charged with violating Article 2 paragraph (1) Emergency Law No. RI. 12 In 1952, for allegedly having and presenting any sharp weapon.

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