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For the comrades from the Political Bureau of Papuan Students Alliance (AMP)

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Listened attentively to our development of the situation that occurred recently in the level of resistance movements in Papua. With the advent of the People's spirit of resistance is increasingly showing kwantitasnya as the principal driving force in the struggle for National Liberation Papuans and the planned implementation of the Papua People's Congress by the Task Team III West Papuan People's National Reconciliation (TKRNRPB) and the Congress of the National Parliament of Papua Merdeka by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB ), there was an internal political debate within the Papuan Students Alliance (AMP) on the road, the strategy and tactics are executed by Comrades in carrying forward the spirit of resistance Papuan People.

We also listened to the debate among comrades who can not didudukan in finding solutions that are better than the stages of struggle that is being embarked Comrades. All this makes the situation becomes more urgent for the launching of a debate

the deeper stages of strategic and political struggle waged by the line folks, especially after so many decades of struggle for the People and the existence of "freedom" of the days like today.

If you want to argue Comrades, Comrades need to debate some issues in the context of the National Liberation Struggle which is being run by Friends of the application in accordance with the National Liberation struggle by countries that have been independent as a handle for future use as it is today: a problem like who the class / sector of the People's main strength, who is the main enemy of the People, who pengerak personnel and leaders of the struggle and what the basic form of struggle. And also there are specific problems that are not in motion when the importance of which was built on behalf of Friends of the National Liberation Struggle, such as the orientation of the movement now, and future, strategy and tactics of the movement and the political line which is used as the basis of movements and so on.

True that, the need for political leadership and unity is a matter of urgency. But on the other hand, our movement can not negate the level of consciousness on a consolidated mass of the people politically. We're going to skip one stage that the leader will be born from amongst the masses, otherwise it will be easier unity in supporting beam at the internal movement of the Papuan People, if you have the same goal of jointly fighting for National Liberation of the People and the Nation of Papua.

Thus, the path traveled by Comrades either through the Papua People's Congress and the III Congress of the National Parliament of Papua Merdeka, both in principle have the same goal of national leadership and unity gave birth, needs to be carefully through several stages.

First: the need for discussion of Political and equalization lines are believed to be the foundation of motion and each organization's resistance movement in Papua. Why is discussion of Political and equalization lines become important? Because in addition to the Political Line is the result of concrete analysis of the situation of occupation against the Papuan People, Politics Line also will direct the course of the resistance movement in determining strategy and tactics are going to struggle waged. The similarity of the Political Lines will form the resistance movement People's building a consolidated politically, becoming more powerful and solid. If there is no similarity Political Line, it is impossible also to unite in the Program Outline Political Struggle for different means are also different path and strategy-tactics being used.

Second, the need for discussion of Basic Forms of struggle and determination to be executed by the resistance movement in Papua. There are three options Basic Forms of Struggle, the Legal Democratic Movement, Movement and Movement Perjuagan Armed Diplomacy (Millions). Choice of Main Forms of Struggle is a belief that change will only occur through the selection of the most basic form of struggle. Principal form of struggle will be the focus or concentration of Papuan resistance movement to build a coordinated movement and political organization. That is, any activity that launched the movement, always forward the strategic options of the Forms Main street fight that has been determined. For example, the choice of Main Forms of Struggle of the resistance movement in Papua is the Legal Democratic Movement, then the overall effort and resources must be run as a Democratic Legal Movement strengthen basic strength in the struggle, so that both forms of the other automatically becomes the Secondary Forms of Struggle. Or conversely, if the principal form of struggle is chosen Movement Movement or Millions of diplomacy, then the overall effort and resources must be run to strengthen the Movement Movement or Millions of Diplomacy.

Third, the need bear an Instrument of Struggle a more solid and sturdy to accommodate all the elements or elements of the resistance movement in Papua. The tool of this struggle will be effective if the elements contained within the resistance movement have a common line of Main Forms of Political and options of the same struggle. The tool of this struggle will consolidate all the elements in the mass of the people of Papua that has the potential resistance. Surely Tool This struggle can only be built upon mutual acceptance of differences, avoid the attitude of selfishness and mutual organizations claim the program or agenda. Because the struggle is based on the same goal of achieving the National People's Liberation and the Papuans, the need for tools to be an urgent struggle to achieve. So that each phase of the struggle being waged politically consolidated and organizations.

Fourth; forming the Papuan People's Mass political consciousness through education, political education held in each sector and the People's Mass Class: Class Farmers-Fishermen, Working Class, Sector Indigenous Peoples, The Urban Poor Sector, Sector Sector Women and Youth-Student. The formation of political consciousness of the People Massa aims to mobilize all sectors and classes involved in the Mass People's National Liberation struggle as the main force. Because change is the work of the millions of People's Mass, so the work of political awareness through education, political education is absolutely essential.

If we reflect back the History of Struggle and Papuans, we have gone through a two-time People's Congress, the Papuan People's Congress in 1961 I and II Papuan People's Congress in 2000. In the Papuan People's Congress I, Council of New Guinea managed to make a political manifesto which, among other things, contains: Name of the State, Anthem, Flag State, the State Emblem and the State motto, in order to prepare for West Papua Independence. While the Second Papuan People's Congress, managed to make a Manifesto on the Rights of the Papuan People's Association in the four areas (Economic, Social, Cultural and Civil-Political Rights) which was then reaffirmed in the Second Papua People's Congress resolution that the Papuan Presidium Council (PDP) is mandated to implement some things, like: "fight for the recognition of West Papuan independence, fight for the implementation of the referendum, held a fund businesses struggle". But after the death of Chairman of PDP, Alm.Dortheys Hiyo Eluay, the mandate given by the struggle of the People to the PDP through the Papuan People's Congress II, fought not consistent.

Of the two historic events, the Papua People's resistance movement should gain political learning, so that the resistance movement that waged a more solid and have a more advanced programs struggles and effective.

Thus, if the current National People's Reconciliation Working Team of West Papua (TKRNRPB) and West Papua National Committee (KNPB), was about to carry out the Papuan People's Congress and the III Congress of the National Parliament of Papua Merdeka, then you should not forget to learn from the experience of the struggle of the Papuan People's History and prepare a more mature stage of the struggle.
The purpose of this Open Letter is that the Alliance Mahsiswa Papua (AMP), Appreciate every effort and the struggle that aims to realize the People's National Liberation and the Papuans.

As a comrade-in-arms, we do not give attitude "Support" or "Reject" Struggle program being run Comrades, the plan for the Papuan People's Congress and the III Congress of the National Parliament of Papua Merdeka.

We would support if the process of struggle Comrades do aim to unify the resistance movements in order to bring the Papuan People's National Liberation People's and Nation of Papua.

Instead, we strongly reject any form of compromise with the regime of colonial Indonesia as well as any form of business that are contrary to the ideals of the National People's Liberation and the Papuan Nation!

Similarly, our Open Letter from Papua Students Alliance (AMP). So and thanks.
Regards Liberation, Joint Truth The Morning Star History!
Biro Politik
Komite Pimpinan Pusat Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua
(Birpol KPP AMP)
Laila Kenakhe



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