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YOGYAKARTA-Representatives of the people of Papua, the Papuan Students Alliance, (AMP) City committee Yogyakarta (DIY), AMP Bandung, and FORKOMPAS Salatiga peaceful protest, related to "Indonesia soon! recognize West Papua as a State "and Treatment Stop Military Operations Area (DOM) in the Land of Papua. Thursday (2/28/2013)

YOGYA: the action starts from Papua Masiswa Dormitory "Kamasan 1" to point the way Kusumanegara longmarch Zero Post Office Malioboro Yogyakarta. 09:00 to finish safely.

Previously, the call issued by the chairman of the action committee AMP Roi Karoba Jogya City, the, that right today, peaceful protest. for Development mengikapi Situai Papua, has been some areas of Papua into areas of military operations (DOM) by the State of Indonesia through state officials Namely, the President, Menkopolkam, and Pandam, as well as the Chief of Police.

General Coordinator (Kordum) rally Agus D, stating "that the TNI was shot by TPN-Pb in the Puncak Jaya by Commander Gen Goliath Tabuni, Sby teramcam declare that the deaths of eight soldiers, then Papuans were shot, killed by the State of Indonesia, from 1 May 1963 to 2013 the Indonesian state has never said such an attitude. Means that are not part of Indonesian Papua. Papua issue was never completed by the Law of Indonesia, "she pointed out

Add again, contact TPN opponent's weapon between the army is not contained Ham for weapons violations senajata opponent, except military-police and TPN shot against the civilian population was only contains Violation Ham, he said Agus.

Then, the protest coordinator (Korlap) Andy P, also said in his speech that the media Indonesia Namely, TV media, Electronic media and print media, as well as Online Media, reported Papua issue so far, they are siding with the Government of Indonesia and the military-police , does not match the reality on the ground, what Papuans feel sebenarny, so that Papuan issue has not been completed.

The same thing, speeches from Papua Student Representative Sonny D, also expressed under some Indonesian media, such,, and other media they disclose information that does not match the facts on the ground with less reverse through state Inteljen . One is TPN-mekakukan pemembakan 8 tonnes Papua is really to defend the Pure West Papua, but the Indonesian media said that 8 tonnes in firing by GPK, OTK, it tdak true, "he said.

Furthermore, dalamm Oration Political Demia N, also has an independent Papua mengakan Since 1 December 1961, the State of West Papua's Name, Emblem State Bird Mambruk, Currencies Golden, Anthem Papua Hi my land, and the flag of the Morning Star. "So our Indonesian Papuans do not hokey, with a bid Regardless, we only demand Indonesia should recognize the sovereignty of West Papua," he said

For the State of Papua also been recognized by the Dutch State, the United Nations through UNTAET, and the people of Indonesia, Papua must also admit determine its own fate because Papua is not South East Asia Pacific region, Papua Malay Race melanesia not conveyed by the First Vice-President of Indonesia, Drs. Muhamat Hatta.

BANDUNG: Alliance of Papuan Students in Bandung also does the same action as in the reports related, said AMP staged a demonstration in front of the Sate Building, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Thursday (28/02/2013). Dozens of mass AMP staged in front of the Sate with indigenous Papuans wearing and carrying a poster showing some of the victims of violence in Papua, presented several demands to the government of Indonesia, including Papua, particularly the military pull Tingginambut District and Sinak, Immediately Unplug Bill Organizations and National Security of the land of Papua, the Indonesian Government immediately withdraw military organic and non-organic from Papua, Papuan provincial government should immediately address the issues that are happening in Papua, America, the UN and Indonesia immediately recognized the sovereignty of West Papua, Papua Do not claim as part of Indonesia, and Papua Stop dub people as terrorists, separatists, Security Pengacau Movement (GPK) and others.

SALATIGA: Forum Komunikasih Papuan Students Semarang (FORKOMPAS) This day peaceful protest. Tututannya Since Papua dianeknisasikan into the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, since it is also killing, kidnapping, murder, torture, rape, and imprisonment against Papuans began.

The violence and violations of human rights carried out through various means such as military operations from the 1960's into a deep traumatic injury to the people of Papua, such as Operation Aware (1965-23 March 1966), led by Brigadier General R Kartidjo; Operations Barata Yudha (23 March 1966-1967) led by Brigadier General R. Bintaro; Operating Authority 1967-1969; Operations Pamungkas 1969-1971, The massacre of the Dani, 1977, 1980 and other koteka operation. To this day, 2013.

Seeing the reality that exists today, we were incorporated in Papua New Student Communication Forum Student Forum Care Semarang with Papua expressing the following:

1. On behalf of Papuan Students Semarang-Salatiga berbelasungkawa helped deliver the death of a bertuigas TNI in Puncak Jaya regency Tingginambut District and Peak District Sinak district of Papua province. 2. Police urged to immediately investigate the shooter of the TNI in Puncak Jaya regency Tingginambut District and Peak District Sinak district of Papua province,

3. SBY-Boediono urged to immediately resolve the issue of Papua with the wise and prudent, 4. SBY-Boediono urged to immediately conduct a fair and dignified dialogue in an effort to straighten out the history of Papua's integration into the Republic of Indonesia legally flawed and full of manipulation,

5. SBY-Boediono urged to immediately and unconditionally release all TAPOL / prisoners Papua, 6. SBY-Boediono urged that military Attractive organic and non-organic from Papua, 7. Urging the international community to review the Return process of integration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia that full engineering and legal flaws in the implementation of the Act of 1969.

Urge all fellow Papuan students to be actively involved in the fight for Independence of West Papua. (M / ADMIN)



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