Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Demo KontraS office in Massa Dozens action "Pay"

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Dozens of mass action "payment" of a government calling itself the Red and White Defenders Front (FPMP), this afternoon, Tuesday (06/11/2013) held a demonstration in front of the KontraS, Menteng, Central Jakarta, reject partisanship KontraS the separatist movement in Papua.

Suarapapua.com monitoring, mass action led by the Coordinator of Action FPMP, Dahlan Wattiheleuw, initially conduct a long march from the monument Borobudur Proklmasi across the street not far from the office KontraS, while continuing to get the word oration criticism and insults against KontraS.

"We reject the ways that we come to convey an attitude of rejection towards KontraS measures that support separatist movements in Papua," said Coordinator of action, which is also the man bloody Maluku.

Satisfied after giving speeches in front of the KontraS, mass is also forcing the police to open the gates KontraS office in order to convey their attitude in the office KontraS contained some KontraS staff and workers, including some Papuan students.

"This office is also used KontraS to protect Papuan children and strangers, we have condemned the way it is," said one orator who happened to see a number of Papuan students, including some foreign nationals who are working in the office intern KontraS.

To avoid mass brutality and anarchy dominated by Waga bloody Maluku, Coordinator KontraS, Haris Azhar menginjinkan some representatives of mass direct action to go and speak in a dignified manner KontraS Office and dignified.

In his statement read by one of the Papuans, who called Martin, FPMP firmly rejected advocacy KontraS assessed frequently criticized the government, and seem to support the movement of separatism in Papua with various statements in the mass media.

Haris Azhar, coordinator KontraS who received four representatives of the demonstrators explained, wrong and wrong to judge FPMP KontraS supporting separatism in Papua movement, because when TPN / OPM shooting soldiers in Puncak Puncak Jaya and Papua, KontraS also condemned the act.

"We condemn the violence and human rights violations, whether committed by the TPN / OPM and the TNI / police, so wrong to KontraS considered defending and supporting separatism movement. We invite friends to come to KontraS march, join discussions, and study here if you want to understand what is done directly KontraS, "said Hariz with courtesy.

Haris also said that, during this KontraS only supports the rule of law and human rights in Papua to condemn acts of violence committed by the military against civilians.

Former Coordinator KontraS, Usman Hamid added mistaken if KontraS assessed defending and supporting the separatist movement in Papua, because KontraS not just talking about the problems in Papua, but also talking to law enforcement and human rights in Indonesia.

Related to the presence of a Papuan students in demonstrations calling themselves representatives of Papuan students, immediate rejection received from the Chairman of Papuan origin Tolikara Students in Jakarta, Sony Wanimbo.

According Wanimbo, students never give advice, pointing, or ask a student who called Martin to denounce KontraS performance assessed during this very helpful rule of law and human rights in Papua.

"We do not know the child was a student. Very wrong and wrong if a student named Papua and blasted KontraS, we are very supportive of the work during this KontraS. So, do not call Papuan students support the demonstration, "said Wanimbo.

Wanimbo precisely assess, several students from Papua, including Martin is invited to the action is the mass action of the government to pay KontraS destroy the reputation that has been known to be very good, and help the people of Indonesia, including Papua.


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