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Pictures of the Benny Wenda ‘Free West Papua’ Concert in Port Moresby

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But putting aside Independence hopes and geopolitical hurdles for a minute, why would a group of people be causing so many issues for Indonesia if they were happy?
Benny Wenda opened his speech with a story of how when he was 6 years old he witnessed his mother being struck down by the butt of a gun at the hands of Indonesian Military and then witnessed as two Aunties who came to help his mother were raped before his eyes. All this at the age of 6.
It is no wonder that experiences like this from many West Papuan’s have clearly driven them to dispute the fact that they had a legitimate say in self determination in 1962. Again, even if we accepted the UN resolution, has Indonesia given them appropriate rights and services to lead fulfilling lives?
I’m no authority on this issue and I’ve never been to West Papua, but as far as I know there are quite allot of unhappy indigenous West Papuan’s in the world today.
So what are they going to do about it? Well Governor Parkop announced on the night that he was going to be setting up a West Papua Office in Port Moresby. Globally as well they would be coordinating with the International Parliamentarians for West Papua, the International Lawyers for West Papuaand International Musicians to ramp up the Global Campaign for West Papua’s Freedom.
I take my hat off to Parkop, this is perhaps the first time I’ve heard an actual plan on how to tackle this issue. Below are some pics of the night and here’s a good wrap up of Parkop’s speech here.



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  1. May the blessings of our eternal God and savior Jesus Christ rest on the efforts of all involved in seeking the the freedom of the West Papua people! I will continue praying for your people and their freedom Benny! May the peace that passes all understanding reign supreme in your hearts each day. Most of all may the fire of the Holy Spirit himself spring eternal in each of your lives and may the power of God's Holy Spirit be released throughout West Papua. Ask and pray with me for the hands of satan to be bound and that his grip on West Papua be relinquished! Praise God for all the efforts of the Australian and English and for the Green Party! and a special thank you to Jennifer Robinson for all her efforts to bring freedom to a country who has had their freedom stolen from them!


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