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West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB)-Organizational Papua Merdeka OPM strongly warned the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) over the apathetic attitude of SBY over the political status of West Papua into the Republic of Indonesia.
TPN-OPM who joined the national Command, led by Gen. Goliath Tabuni sternly warned the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to immediately stop sending military forces / police in large numbers in all the land of Papua.
Since sending troops TNI / police in large numbers in West Papua, in fact exacerbate the problem and the civil society to be sacrificed. Civil society in question is the Papuan and the Malay immigrants, who came to steal and plunder the wealth of the Papuans in Papua.
Struggle TPN-OPM very clear. That is, the TPN-OPM fought for Political Rights of Self-Determination (Self Determination) for the People of West Papua. And TPN-OPM also fought to save and protect people from the actions of West Papuan Genocide by the Indonesian security forces were brutal and ruthless.
While the military invasion of Indonesia in Papua since May 1, 1963 to the present is the criminal action, in violation of Rights West Papuan. Therefore, immediately stop military operations in Papua and stop sending members of the TNI / Police throughout the entire region of West Papuan Customary land.
TPN-OPM have faith that the Malays of Indonesian occupation Owned Papuan land is illegal and not valid due to the presence of Indonesia with a street full of dirty.
TPN-OPM considers that the President sacrificed Members army / police on the pretext of maintaining Homeland unfounded. As a result, families of victims hurt and always lament kepetihan.
Mr. President, do not feel you berdosakah mislead Members of TNI / police become victims of fulfilling orders? Mr. President, do not realize that whether Thou shall Later Papua Merdeka?
Remember, however, that West Papua Merdeka Full compliance with God's time, and the people of West Papua, Indonesia will leave with a sense of regret as the experience of East Timor.
TPN-OPM national war yet, but only stages of the Revolution. President SBY remember that the Revolution Total TPN-OPM aka later show to the world that the TPN-OPM is an organization that fought to free nation of West Papua New Hand Colonialisme Indonesia.
Within a total revolution later, TPN-OPM ready to spend the TNI-police come take a life force and Peace orag.
Firmly revelation TPN-OPM To President

Whereas, the President immediately stop Delivery troops in large numbers in all the land of Papua;
Whereas, the President stop sacrificing Members of TNI / police on the pretext of maintaining integrity of the Republic, as more and more members of the TNI / Police Shooting victim will be the TPN-OPM;
Remember, that the TPN-OPM prepared opponents army / police to Papua Merdeka;
That, for any number of TPN-OPM TNI-police, TPN-OPM ready to serve;
Remember, that the TPN-OPM master terrain and good mental war. With this ready to face army / police under any circumstances;
President SBY remember, you are in fact human rights violators of the Papuan people and the members of the TNI / Police who are victims;
President readily agreed to promptly hold a session to discuss negotiations triangle Referendum Agenda for the West Papuan people, according to UN mechanisms.
Thus, this statement from the Command Center dikelurkan TPNPB to the attention of the President of the Republic appears logical and implementation. Thank you for your attention.
Issued at: Command Center
In Date: 25 February 2013

High Commander AN TPNPB
Chief of General Staff


Maj. Teryanus Satto
NRP. 7312.00.00.003



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