Tuesday, November 8, 2011

International Call for Action!

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Throughout the occupied homeland Heart of West Papua, Rejecting compromise with the Government of Indonesia In Shape Before There Any Point Light Referendum Held To Answer For completion of the Political Status of West Papuans.
Hail the Revolution!

Appeals thoroughly implement the action throughout the homeland of West Papua, ranging from Sorong to Samurai and internationally abroad. This action must be carried out simultaneously as a continuation of struggle and ideals of the West Papuan people to demand the implementation of self-determination for the people of West Papua through the referendum mechanism.

Lately with the number falling victim both ditingkatan elements of civil society and military, the Indonesian government take leadership in the SBY-Boedionon yet to commit themselves to resolve the problems facing the nation of West Papua, the government continues to shut down and secretly add the TNI military-police forces in West Papuan homeland.

Violence, conflict, murder and forced disappearance of human lives against the nation of West Papua are now being berlajut continue a massive and systematic, not a few hundreds and even thousands of lives almost approaching millions of people of West Papua innocent lives taken away.

Government of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) under the leadership of the militaristic regime of SBY-Boediono remained adamant meyelesakain problems facing the nation of West Papua militaristic ways, including the manner of delivery and the addition of non-organic troops in large quantities to maintain the stability theorem keamanana and on behalf of integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

situation continues to heat up since the Timika turbulent 15 September 2011, the giant mining company PT. Freeport freely mengitimidasi the workers and the local indigenous community by paying the military to kill them.

Zacchaeus October 19, 2011 incident which entailed the death of seven civilians Papua Guard (ascetics), to date no single institution's civilian and military government claimed responsibility for the victim's data. Government as the nation struggles mendiskriditkan Papuan separatist struggle and as a component of treason.

Post-shooting, police chief Noble, Puncak Jaya, Papua, the AKP Dominggus Octovianus Awes, the situation heats up Puncak Jaya, a joint military-police one company from Jakarta Kelapadua-directed to the region in order to pursue the geriliyawan National Liberation Army (TPN), a shootout occurred some time, many civilians who fled to the forests and many are experiencing the attack on the deadly disease include cough, vomiting, fever, etc., it also triggered a result of forces used chemical weapons in the shootout.

The Indonesian government has forgotten that the above sequence of events occurs is a matter of history akumualsi of political engineering Pepera subsatasi 1969 which is a form of basic issues that are now unresolved. History of the people of West Papua manipulated into the form of Indonesian history as part of the justification of history by the opportunistic nature of cahuvinistik. Now the bloody turmoil, conflict of interest and a sense of injustice continues to color the social collectivity of West Papua nation that never came to an end.

Thus, the view of some of the above sequence of events is very important and urgent for the sikapi, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) as the people of West Papua National Media as well as domestic political charge of the ground water of West Papua will react to it in the form of action (demo) thoroughly , and,


To all Comrades led KNPB Areas in the Region, the Pacific and Consulates Consulate KNPB Indonesia to conduct a thorough consolidation throughout the country for the purpose of general mobilization.
Menyeruhkan to all elements of democratic movements and organizations of the Free Papua struggles across the country ground water of West Papua to get involved and participate in the national action agenda.
Menyeruhkan to the West Papuan nation's diplomats abroad to continue to do international lobbying to open up the entire network access and perform actions simultaneously in negeranya respectively.

Actions simultaneously and thoroughly carried out on Monday, November 14, 2011.

Similarly, a call to action is issued,

"We Must Mengahkiri"

Port Numbay, November 3, 2011.

General Coordinator

Victor Kogoya

Person in charge of Political Affairs



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